any lawrence memorial/regis college students or graduates out there?

  1. How is the work load? How are the professors? I went to an info session and it seems very prestigious for an asn program.
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  3. by   A_Simp
    I graduated in May '08 from the day program. Nursing school is a grind and a lot of work no matter where you go. I enjoyed the program and the professors are all experienced, knowledgable, professional and will help you when/if needed.

    The program is a bit more $$ than the community college route but I found it to be better quality with good Nclex pass rates as well as good clinical placements.

    Let me know if you have any specific questions that I might be able to answer for you.
  4. by   maddymc55
    I was accepted to the January 2010 because I have Microbiology left and had a choice to either take it this summer or in the Fall because it has to be done before you start Nur 101. I decided to take the summer off to be with my kids. Anyway, the staff are great at answering questions and setting you up for school. I will let you know how it goes. I am starting evenings. Good luck with your decision. It's a great path to take.
  5. by   borntobanurse3
    hi all,
    I was thinking of applying to the program either day of evening. With evening what time do classes start? I am an LPN already so i will be applying for advanced placement. I also was wondering how long the wait list was for current or former students, just comparing LMR to other ASN programs.