$12,000 for LPN program?

  1. I may be getting into the Blue Hills Regional Tech LPN Program for the fall. I would have to take out a loan for the $12,000. Plus, I have $13,000 in credit card debt right now. I really want to start program ASAP. I don't want another wasteless year to go by. But, I am going to have $25,000 in debt by the end of the program, and may not even get a job. I need help making this decision.
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  3. by   PurposebyDesign
    I was also thinking about going the LPN route first , but when I looked at the the cost of the Lpn programs and the Community College RN programs I personally decided to go the RN route because both cost the same amount of money

    RN $10 000 Community College (higher at Universities/ Private schools)
    Lpn $11 000

    I was just accepted into the RN program, I would say if your gonna put yourself in dept another $11000 then you might aswell go for your RN degree.
    But in the end its up to you what program you go with.
  4. by   borntobanurse3
    I go to north shore comunity college for the LPN program and it is less than 8,000 all expenses including uniforms and NCLEX fees.
  5. by   prisicruz
    Greater Lowell Tech has an excellent program and they're also about 8 grand; for tuition, books, uniforms, an NCLEX course and some other things.
    12 grand is pretty expensive in my opinion, I agree with going for the RN instead and getting that all over with if it's going to be about the same as far as cost goes. If you can't find any RN programs that are still accepting apps, then you might want to consider another LPN program because putting yourself that far into debt without it even being necessary would be a shame.
    Greater Lowell Tech is still accepting apps if you're interested and/or if it's in your area...

    Good Luck!!
  6. by   caliotter3
    That is about half what my daughter paid for her program at a proprietary school. If you can get into an RN program that would be better, but going the LPN route is better than not going to nursing school at all, or paying $24,000 for an LPN program.
  7. by   HartfordSPN
    well i live in a different state (Connecticut) and you have some private institution that is charging over $30,000.00 for lpn school.
    best wishes to you
  8. by   queenbo
    I say go for it , I will hopefully be starting at Blue hills this fall also. I still have about $15,000 in undergrad loans, but I plan to do my R.N right away.

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