Mass. SARP - Dilute Result?

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I have been a participant in Massachusett's SARP program for 18 months. In this time I have had 20 negative urine drug screens. My most recent test came back "dilute". I was in the waiting room at urgent care for 2 hrs and already had to pee when I arrived. As such I used the public bathroom and then drank a lot of water afterwards to be able to provide a sample when I was called in. The dilute result makes me very nervous as I have had many issues dealing with SARP and it being mostly a punitive program. I have nothing to hide and am doing all the right things but feel very powerless against them and feel swept up in the "faceless bureaucracy" when dealing with them. I am hesitant to message my CM as they rarely respond and don't want do get myself unnecessarily involved and cause more problems. Does anyone have any experience with a dilute result? What should I expect? Another urine test? Hair and blood? Nothing?

Sorry, I can't speak to your particular program/state, as I was in IN. But I did have 1 dilute in my 3 years, and I was asked to provide (and pay 3 times the amt) a hair sample based on that dilute. I offered to immediately repeat the UDS, as it had only been less than 24 hours from the time I provided my urine. I was told that wasn't necessary but had to do the hair test. It was of course negative, and that was the end of it. This was about 2 years into my 3 year program, and didn't negatively affect me. Having said all that, I feel like IN's program is ALOT more fair/ethical than many others I hear about. I truly hope you receive fair treatment though. Keep your head up, you will eventually be done with all of this!

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I have a long relationship with MA-SARP. If this is your first your first dilute urine you should be okay. You will be "randomly" selected for a test on two separate days that you will not have the  COC forms for. These will be hair and blood analysis tests. This happens every time you have a dilute urine or any kind of suspect urinalysis. It's expensive at just under $400 total depending on your lab. You will also be called in front of the SAREC committee (SARP Executive Board) to explain what happened and what your plan is to avoid it in the future. You will get a letter from the MA BON notifying you of your meeting with SAREC. It looks scary. Don't get wrapped up in it. The most important part is the meeting date and time. It will also say "to discuss your participation in the SARP program," that does not mean they are going to kick you out... it sounds like it, but it's not.

 Also, they only have to give us 48 hours notice of meeting date/time. So expect a UPS letter to show up two days before your Zoom call (I would do the phone call option on this one). You can find a meeting schedule online if you do a deep dive on the MA BON website. However, you never know when/if you will be on the schedule. They are so backlogged, it could be three months from your last resulted test. 

If you have any other questions, please contact me. If you feel you need a lawyer, please let me know. I have one, and I wish I had one earlier in the program. Your case sounds cut and dry. You should be fine.

Best of luck!