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  1. Does anyone know of any hospitals that still offer weekend option? I have seen some that you have to work a 3rd day during the week in addition to the weekends, and others that are only part time. I know there used to be true weekend option where you worked every weekend 24 hrs, got paid for 36 and were considered a full time employee but no hospitals seem to be offering this anymore. Thanks!
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  3. by   Guy in Babyland
    I don't work in Maryland, but I work Weekends Only contract. They no longer pay time and a half (work 2, get paid for 3), it's an extra $10/hr for any hours between 3pm Friday and 7am Monday. I had the option of Sat/Sun, Sat/Sun +8 hrs, or Sat/Sun +12 hrs (on another day during the week at regular pay).

    Most hospitals are getting rid of the true Baylor Plan and paying a straight dollar amount per hour extra on Saturday/Sunday.
  4. by   pixiestix
    Thanks, I am having childcare issues and carry the insurance for my family. The part time insurance rates are ridiculously expensive so I am hoping to find weekend option that is full time.