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Hello! Are there any people out there who have had their interview with UMD CNL Program and waiting to hear about acceptance? I had my interview last Thursday and I am now in the hardest part of... Read More

  1. by   karebear123
    Hey Sommer,
    For some reason i cannot send you a private message. I am thinking about the 16 months as well. See you soon. Have you already found a place to live?
  2. by   gcledor
    how is the program?
  3. by   gcledor
    how was the courseload/workload of the program?
  4. by   Spydarweb
    Hey Guys! first off... CONGRATULATIONS to all ye who have been admitted into the CNL program. I could not be of help during your admissions process, however, I am open to any questions re the program. I am a second semester CNL student at UMB. It is UMB, not UMD - UMD is the College Park campus. Just thought I'd point that out, so people don't get confused.:spin:
  5. by   Spydarweb
    They only accepted 28 students for Spring 2012. I think they try to raise candidates hopes with those high figures. Plus they probably interview just about 40 candidates. Don't be fooled. It's a tight race!
  6. by   SNL00
    No Karebear,

    I have not found a place to live. This is really stressing me out! I have a friend from undergrad that is from Baltimore and he said the area around the school is not the best It is more of a up and coming area. He proposed Towson, Owings Mills areas since they are close to the train. His worries were not able to drive within the city if it were to snow and the streets aren't plowed. Have you had any luck? Sorry it took me so long to respond; but I just so happen to finally comes across this post.
  7. by   gcledor
    gcledor@yahoo.. cant send a private msge.
  8. by   smoup
    Spydarweb - What's the course load like? Do you think it's possible to work and be in the program? I work three 12 hour night shifts right now. Also, do you know how many hours clinicals are each semester?

    I was happy to read you can defer up to a year. I might apply for the fall of 2013 and defer a semester if I get in. I want one last great vacation before starting an intense program.

    Congrats to everyone who has gotten in!
  9. by   Spydarweb
    Hey smoup,
    First of, anything is doable when you set your goals & work towards achieving them . However I will not advise you to consider working full-time while undertaking this program. It is rigorous...especially the 16months route - 18 graduate credits per semester. What makes it even worse is the fact there are research papers for almost every course. Workload is heavier than for the BSNs.
    As per clinical hours, it all depends on the course. For the 1st semester there's fundamentals with just 45hrs; 90hrs each for pediatric, obstetric, psychiatric, and community health; 120hrs for adult health (med surge) and 315hrs for final semester Practicum.
    A good statement of purpose will look good in your application package. Good luck in your endeavors and do not hesitate to contact me with any more questions. Sorry it took me this long to reply to your post. I think it will be better for you to me PM me.
  10. by   cia765
    Hey there -- are u still looking for a roommate at The Zenith? A 2br is available for $1800. Let me know if u are interested. Thanks!
  11. by   aarin80
    Hello all,

    Okay, so here is my story. I am a Michigan resident and attend Wayne State University in Detroit. I did not get accepted to their nursing program back in 2010 and financially had to find a way to get a degree. I am no longer eligible for the Pell Grant and I have reached my maximum lifetime undergraduate loan amount. The way to a bachelor degree, BA in nutrition and food Science with a minor in health psychology.

    Michigan does not offer any MSN direct entry programs and I am trying to avoid the GRE. I found the University of Maryland's CNL program and seems this might be a good fit for me.

    From what I have read, this program does not require the GRE, is this correct?

    What about the writing sample before or after your interview? This has me a little nervous! I am well written, but on the spot, I am not feeling to confident.

    As far as the prerequisites are concerned:
    General Chemistry with Lab: B- (university)

    Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab: A- & A- (2 courses 8 credit version) A (1 course 5 credit version) (both are from a community college)

    Microbiology with Lab:B (community college)

    Human Growth and Development: A (my minor is health psychology) (university)

    Statistics: A- (4 credit math course) (community college)

    Nutrition: A (my major is nutrition) (university)

    From the prerequisites, I think I look relatively competitive.

    My GPA is a 3.0 right now, I am hopping to have this increased by the time I graduate next summer (2013)

    Also, I am a CNA and CPhT, this has to help. Including being a licensed cosmetologist in the sate of MI of eight years.

    Even more, I have two associate degrees, ALA and AGS.

    I am hoping I can get into a MSN direct entry program!?!?!?

    Thanks in advance for reading my post and any comments or suggestions you might have.
  12. by   karebear123
    UMD's CNL program does not require the GRE. The writing sample is not difficult at all. If you prepare well for your interview you should have no problem doing the writing portion. You have 20 mins. to complete it so they are not going to give you a topic that you have no clue about. Also, in preparing for it, I would suggest looking over basic guidelines for writing an essay. Focus more on your spelling, punctuation, etc.. It is hand-written, you will not be allowed to use a computer. Best of luck!
  13. by   taf1
    I applied for the CNL program for this Spring 2013, does anyone know if they started setting up interviews yet or when they will start that process?