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  1. Is there any new grads that have recently started or ever worked at U of Md med center and if so what was the start rate for a RN and how was it to work there?
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  3. by   mh356
    I started working at UMMC as a new grad and so far things are pretty good. The pay is ok $24.15/hour, plus shift differential. The hospital is pretty nice, and overall I really like it. The tuition benefits are great!

    As far as being a new grad, there really isn't that much in terms of orientation. They send you to a 6 day class that is like nursing school in a nutshell, but isn't specific to your unit because every unit/center is different. I would stay away from STC as new grad, they don't train newbies and its just way too much to learn fresh out of school. Unless you go to their acute floor.

    You really have to visit each unit and see how you feel about the nurses and the types of patients you get. I now work on a med/surg tele floor and love it!! And I only have 4-5 patients. If you have more specific questions, just ask. Good Luck. :icon_hug:
  4. by   LyndseyER
    what floor is the med/surg tele on? I interviewed with PICU have you heard anything negative about that floor? Was the floor you are on the only one you did a shadow day on or did you look at other ones and if so which ones were they and why didnt you choose those? Also, did you interview at any other MD hospitals? If so where and why did you choose Univ of Md?
    Thanks for the info and sorru for all the questions:spin:
  5. by   mh356
    I'd only heard good things about UMMC from patients, and bad things about Hopkins and I knew I wanted to work in trauma and a large teaching hospital.

    I'm not sure how Peds is, but I shadowed at Shock Trauma on 2 diff units before I started there. When I switched positions I "shadowed" again on the my new floor. There are quite a few med-surg, tele units. If you have more specific questions you can send me a message. Have you heard from HR yet? I had to call them a few times.