UMSON CNL Fall 2013 Applicants

  1. It's getting about that time. Who else is applying?
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  3. by   ShanghaiGirl
    I completed my application a few weeks ago. The website says some programs at the nursing school review applications in "batches" so I'm hoping that means I won't have to wait until March to hear anything back! So far my status is still "ready for review." Excited to see if others start hearing back anytime soon!
  4. by   smoup
    I keep messing with my state of purpose. I need to just send it in already. I also need to make sure the professors writing my letters of recommendations haven't forgotten about it. I hate having to reply on other people to get things done, especially something this important. At the moment, I just want this semester to be OVER!
  5. by   violets13
    Hey! I just submitted the last part of my application about a week ago. I am getting pretty anxious about hearing back.. based on previous threads it seems if we do get an interview it will likely be sometime around end of February/Beginning of March. Good luck to everyone =) Hope to keep in contact with you throughout the whole admission process...
  6. by   smoup
    I just sent the rest of my things in yesterday. Still waiting on the professors to write the letters of recommendations of course.

    What was your major in undergrad? Mine was psychology along with a minor in philosophy. I hope to be a psychiatric nurse some day, preferably working with geriatrics. I love my old people
  7. by   violets13
    I did my undergrad in psychology as well! I then went on to get my MS in Healthcare Management but realized I wanted to work with patients.

    I actually become a nurse assistant and got my dual certification as a geriatric nurse assistant. It was a good experience...but working with the geriatric population is really tough! Especially those with psych issues. Psychiatric nursing is pretty cool. If you go on to become a nurse practitioner you could have a lot of similar tasks as a Psychiatrist since they can prescribe meds and such.

    Have you thought about whether you want to live downtown if you get in?

  8. by   smoup
    I already live in Baltimore, near Towson. It will NOT be a fun drive to make every day, but will totally be worth it in the end.

    I worked in a nursing center in the rehab department as a tech and I LOVED it. I don't think I could do peds. The kids I could deal with, it's their parents I'm not sure I could handle.
  9. by   orterpfan
    Application and transcripts are in, just needing references submitted. In reading through the past posts, the last numbers I saw were 200 applicants and 50 or so interviewed. The perception was that if you were interviewed you were in. The general time frame was end of February and early March for interviews, two weeks to make decision for a late March/early April notification. Anyone have different info?
  10. by   CR109
    I just found this forum, how exciting! Almost as exciting as seeing "committee ready" on my application status this morning!
  11. by   smoup
    If it's early April, maybe it will be a great birthday present for me!!
  12. by   NurseWilly
    Just waiting on one recommendation just sent her an email to find out if she sent it in. Now we wait. Good Luck everyone!
  13. by   CR109
    Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! It feels like forever since the application deadline passed, I wonder how long until calls will be made to schedule interviews!
  14. by   orterpfan

    In looking through last year, it was early April for interviews and late April/ early May for a decision. I hope it is shorter this time around. Recommend reading or searching through the posts from Grey Lady. She has provided the best insights on the Maryland SON admissions process and timing. Good luck.