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Has anyone who is entering UMB's Fall 2011 BSN program received their registration packet in the mail as of yet? I attended the Welcome Picnic at UMB on 6/9 and my understanding at that time was that... Read More

  1. by   104frogtalk
    Great. Thanks.
  2. by   104frogtalk
    When you went to the Welcome Picnic, what do think is the average age range? I hear UM Baltimore campus is a little older.
  3. by   GoldenDomer63
    Of the people with whom I spoke, if I had to guess, I would say mid-to-late twenties to early thirties...there were a few people straight out of college; and several people with previous degrees and work experience in other fields prior to entering nursing (I comprise the latter group). It is an eclectic mix of education and experience to say the least.
  4. by   guest10
    Quote from GoldenDomer63
    Thanks for the link! I went in and completed the interactive form and emailed to OSAS. Hopefully, I will be able to register on SURFS tomorrow once the hold is removed. This is a weird system; per SURFS I am recognized as a student and have no holds that would prevent me from registering.
    It is an odd system. Most students are used to just going online and registering. Our system requires students to first submit the registration form, wait for it to be processed, then go online to enroll. You will do the same thing to register for second and all other semesters but this time you will need to submit the registration form to your advisor first for their approval.
  5. by   bluewonder
    Hi Grey Lady

    I'm going to apply the BSN for fall 2012. I have several questions about the application and I am eager for your replay.

    1. Is the statement of application the same as the resume? I saw from this forum that some of them were prepared the resumes. Will I need to submit both of they for application?
    2. how the poor past GPAs in the college of other country 10 years before affects the admission for nursing program? if I have done a good job at the prerequisite courses and the four science classes, are there any chance that I can get into the program?

    Thanks a lot for all you past posts which provide us lots of informations. I will appreciate if you can answer my questions and give me a guide for application.