Then and now

  1. My grandmother is a retired RN who went through school about 40 years ago at CCBC (of course, back then it wasn't called CCBC, it was just Catonsville Community College). I was telling her about the hoops I've jumped through to get into my program, and the differences between BSN and ADN. Anyway, she told me that back in the day, the program she was in didn't have prerequisites, and it was designed for moms. Nursing classes would be during the hours that children were in school. It sounds to me like it wasn't at all competitive. If you wanted in, you were in. She worked med/surg at Children's Hospital. She ended up retiring early because she had a medical event and decided she was ready to stop working. She's been taking care of Grandpa ever since. That man is spoiled by Grandma

    Just thought I would share! Nursing programs have certainly evolved since then.
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