Salisbury Accelerated BSN Applicants for 2013 - page 3

The deadline is approaching! I noticed there wasn't a thread for this so I thought I'd start one. Is anyone else out there applying to Salisbury for the Accelerated BSN program?... Read More

  1. by   cbrubaker05
    Has anyone heard anything yet!? I'm super nervous since this is my top pick!! I found self-paced online pathophysiology courses for anyone that may be looking to do it that way. Through University of Norther Colorado Extended Studies program and Weber State online. Both are around $600 (plus fees), plus proctoring fees. I am e-mailing SU today to see if they accept those but I don't see why not!
  2. by   coherrman
    LotusBean, I didn't see your last post until today (for some reason, I didn't get a notification even though I have this topic bookmarked). I am taking A&P II at Chesapeake too!! I took A&P I there last semester with Dr. Kover. He is awesome! Were you there too? I had it on Tues./Thurs. last semester, but I'm taking it on Mon./Wed. this semester. Which days do you have it? We might be in the same class tomorrow!! Let me know if you're in my class - we'll have to find each other!

    cbrubaker05, it would be great to know whether SU accepts an online Patho class or not. I hadn't thought of it as an option, but it would definitely be nice to know that an online class is an option.

    I am totally anxious!! I sent my application in September. I'm a little eager!! Carmel Boger said we would be notified in March. I can't believe we have to wait so long!!
  3. by   LotusBean
    cburbaker05, please let us know what SU says about the online patho class. $600 isn't too bad.

    coherrman, I'm taking it with Dr. Strong. Not notified until March?! This is an exercise in patience, that's for sure!
  4. by   cbrubaker05
    Yes!! They said [FONT=tahoma]NURS[FONT=tahoma] 326-935 Pathophysiology at University of Northern Colorado (online, extended studies program) counts! You can sign up anytime and complete the course at your own pace (6 months max I think) and its completely online--no proctor needed (I am almost positive).

    Can't believe we have to wait till March. =(
  5. by   LotusBean
    That's great! Thanks for the info. I had also looked into that program, and not needing a proctor is a financial plus.
  6. by   coherrman
    That's great to know that an online Patho course is acceptable! Thanks for that info. So, now we just wait, and it sure is torture!
  7. by   ql279
    Guys, is Salisbury school well known for nursing? is it a good school? sorry, I just moved here! thanks for any of your response...
  8. by   LotusBean
    Salisbury has had the best NCLEX pass rates in the state for several years running, even higher than Johns Hopkins. Not bad!
  9. by   cbrubaker05
    Does anyone know how big the class will be?? I am getting so impatient/nervous.
  10. by   LotusBean
    I believe it's only 24 students. Tight competition!
  11. by   Cmullen87
    Wow! Only 24 spots?? That is pretty scary! I applied at the end of November right before graduating from SU with my first bachelors. My SU GPA was 3.37 and I got B's in A&p 1 and 2, Statistics, C in chem, and A's in micro and patho. I hope that C in Chem doesn't wreck my chances. :/
  12. by   Cmullen87
    I'm also a male. Are there any other guys in this thread?
  13. by   cbrubaker05
    only 24?? that makes me so nervous. good luck!