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  1. I am intending to move to Baltimore late summer early fall and currently work private duty in Wisconsin. I am wondering if anyone knows how to find clients and how to bill directly for the service. Any help would be appreciated, I am not interested in working through an agency though.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    A former supervisor who worked private duty for years told me that she got new cases through word of mouth in the well to do community. She was fortunate in that this happened on its own, when her first private duty employer put in a good word for her when another person needed someone. Otherwise, until you can get into that category, find ads in the paper or on employment websites that are placed by private individuals. I see many of these on Craigslist where the advertiser states something like 'no calls from agencies'. The client will either pay you privately or will see that you are connected to the paying entity in your contract.
  4. by   WI craig1
    Thanks for the info, I am currently working with Vent Dependent individuals and I bill Medical Assistance (medicaid) myself and am wondering if there are any nurses that do that in Maryland and if there are any way to find those clients that need nursing services. So far I have not seen any on craigslist but will check elsewhere as well. Anyone have leads or information on billing directly or finding patients. Thank you.