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  1. Any help would be appreciated! I am currently a nursing student and graduating this spring with my ADN. My husband and I live in the Philly area and are looking to relocate to an area just outside of Baltimore. Not that Philly is not great, but we are looking for a change in atmosphere. Would anyone be able to direct us as where to start looking for a house? We have been down twice this past month and are starting to narrow down our choices. We love the city, but since we plan on having a family we would prefer an area with more open space. We have scoped out the
    Bel Air/Abingdon area and houses are reasonably affordable for a 3/4 bedroom. Just wondering if the area in question was safe and diverse. Or any other suggestions would be great!!! Also, I have heard so much about JH, how often do they hire new grads? Do they only hire nurses w/ BSNs? or would anyone recomend any hospitals worth applying at in the general area? Any help would be great, as the months are starting to wind down. Thanks!!!!!!!
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    The Abingdon/Bel Air area is pretty nice and somewhat diverse. Abingdon is more diverse than Bel Air. If you're looking at Abingdon make sure to ask what school district you would fall under. Some have to go to Edgewood Schools which I would stay away from. Bel Air schools seem to be a lot better. The best part about this area is that it's pretty close to Baltimore and there are lots of hospitals to choose from. I 've heard great things about Mercy Hospital and Franklin Square. Good luck with your search!
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