Moving to Chesapeake Beach, where to go to get my RN!?

  1. My husband and I re buying in chesapeake beach or within 10 miles of there. I am so completely confused as to where to pursue my RN!

    I am thinking I probably need to go to AACC or CSM prince frederick. I know PGCC is an option, but I heard it has a dangerous campus and is not as highly reguarded as the other two schools I mentioned.
    Can anyone throw ANY advice to help me decide what to do?
    1) Money is no object
    2) i want to travel less than an hour one way
    3) is PG really even that bad??
    4) if i get into the programs, how long are the waits?? - i know AACC is rolling
    5) is it true that you must have AP 1, 2 and Micro to even apply/be accepted to the nursing pograms at those schools? can you apply a semester ahead while enroled in microbiology or something?
    6) If i go to CSM, do they have nursing at prince frederick campus?

    I have a great GPA and an AAS (but its not medical), and from phone calls I have made, I undrstand that all I am missing (which can be knocked out in one semester) are ap2 and microbio.

    I am looking to see if anyone can offer ANYTHING at all on one of those topics I listed or anything that might influence my decision at all. Like I said, I know I can get in, its just how FAST can I get in. I have no work schedule to work around, and no money issues. Someone PLEASE throw a highly motivated girl some guidance.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who can offer me ANYTHING at all.
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  3. by   msesay91
    PGCC is not bad at all. Who told you the campus was dangerous? lol. Anywho, you have to have AP1&2, Nur 1010, Eng & Math before petitioning to be accepted. Micro just has to be completed before you graduate. It's 2 years