MD License by exam....for an out of state new grad, please help!

  1. Hello all!

    I am graduating in just a few days from an out of state university. I will be relocating to Maryland later this summer, so I want to sit for my MD license verses where I am now, then having to endorse it. I've tried calling the BON several times with no luck...

    My questions are as follows:

    I have contacted the MD BON and have their packet. I have gotten my fingerprints taken

    1) The purple form I got inked ( I got a receipt for this one), the blue form was done electronically by the local naval base, free of charge, so they did not give me a receipt, is the going to be a problem?

    2)Do I have to wait to register with pearson vue until I hear something back from the MD BON?

    3) After I graduate do I need to send in an official copy of my transcript? I didn't see anything specifically requesting it? So I am not sure?

    4) the picture I sent in with my application, my dean is signing on the front of the picture? SO I am correct in assuming that this picture isn't going on my RN license?

    All in all, how long can this process take?

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