Maryland Nursing Schools: Best Choice? - page 2

Hello, I will be starting the BSN program this fall and I am unsure of what school to attend. My picks are University of MD, Bowie State University, and Coppin State University. UMD has a 2yr... Read More

  1. by   RadiantLynneBSN
    It's nothing 'easy' about their Nursing program; it's one of the hardest but pushes hard for Professional Nursing towards advance careers. It traditionally has a lower gpa requirement for entry with entrance exams (when I applied it was TEAS) and keeps it the same as from the beginning out of tradition of opportunity I guess which is really misleading to anyone not a very high achiever because as others have pointed out on this blog: the program is very difficult. Be careful and not deceived. I was already intrinsically motivated and with a 3.8 gpa upon applying from perquisites.
  2. by   RadiantLynneBSN
    Coppin will accept all meeting requirements until class filled then 'wean' out all even remotely 'weak' throughout the entire 4 years! No apologies. This alongside incredibly difficult exams. I compared practice questions with colleagues in study groups from Hopkins Nursing...they couldn't answer and had a deer in headlight look of disbelief. I have a friend that failed in Senior year, last class of the year by 2 points & she was tossed out.