Loan Repayment Program and Hospitals

  1. Hello;

    I went to Catholic University which is a pretty expensive school and I have a lot of loans. I know the ecomony is tough but I was wondering if anyone know of hosiptals in Maryland or DC that would pay at least 50% of your loans if you work for them for a period of time. I looked at Veterans and Walter Reed Hospital and they are not hiring right now, also Howard University. I really need to get my loans paid off. Any suggestion, plesae let me know. Thanks
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  3. by   SiennaGreen
    As you know, this is not a great time to bein your position. I'm sorry.

    Last I heard Maryland General in Baltimore was still offering a sign bonus/tuition reimbursement package. I think it was 10k per year up to 20k? I can't remember. BWMC might also.

    What kind of experiance do you have? That might help as a bargaining tool.

    Do you have to stay in Balt?

    Best wishes!
  4. by   caribbeanbeauty
    That's the thing I don't have any experience.....
  5. by   MedicVeronica
    Try I applied last year and didn't get it (seems we get paid too much in this area), but applied again this year and am waiting to hear. The day of the original application deadline the program sent out an email encouraging applications as the program's funding had been increased by the stimulus package - they also extended the deadline by 2 weeks. Good Luck!
  6. by   dmart150
    Suburban Hospital has a loan repayment program. $5000 for 2 years and $10,000 for three yrs working commitment. I just got hired so I'm so happy to take advantage of this deal!