Johns Hopkins CSICU

  1. JHH wants to interview me for a position with the CSICU. I'm assuming this is a cardiac surgical intensive care unit? Whatever it is, I am so excited!!! Just wanted to share!
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  3. by   ucfRN
    YAY I wish you tons and tons of luck! Is your interview scheduled- if so, for when?
  4. by   sbrownRN
    Yes, I have 3 interviews now. The 14th, 18th & 19th. Very, very excited! How about you? Did they schedule you yet?
  5. by   ucfRN
    Wow that's amazing. What are the units besides CSICU?
    I am so excited and anxious. My interview is on the 10th. I've been preparing for this day for such a long time and yet I cant sleep because I'm so nervous!!
    I wish you the best of luck!
  6. by   sbrownRN
    The others are WOR/Wilmer/W4D and Weinberg 4D. What about you?

    I'm excited and soooo very nervous too! What are you going to wear, lol? I haven't been on an interview in quite a while. Nursing is a second career for me.
  7. by   ucfRN
    I'll be wearing a skirt suit. This is a big day that I've waited more than a year for. I am picking out my scrubs for share time!! I think I'll wear royal blue scrubs..
    What about you?
  8. by   sbrownRN
    Yes, definately a suit! I will probably wear navy blue scrubs. I wish you the very best of luck!!! Hopefully, we'll both get hired and maybe orienting together
  9. by   MajesticRN
    @ucfRN and sbrownRN, did you guys got the job? I have an interview at W4A, do you know what unit that is? how long was the interview? Thanks guys
  10. by   ucfRN
    I'm waiting to hear back from the manager about an offer
    The interview was smooth, very relaxed. I toured the unit for share time. You should bs shoes and scrubs.
    W4A is Weinberg 4A, it's a surgical oncology unit. If hired, you would be assisted to be chemo certified etc. Sounds like a great opportunity.

    Good luck Majestic RN!
  11. by   preciousnurse_rn
    Hi SBrown, Im from FL & would loooove to be a JH nurse. How are you loving JH so far? I have 1 yr bedside experience but been a nurse for 5 years. Its been a week since Ive applied to JH & no app status change yet. How do i reach nurse recruiter being Im all the way in FL