is anybody applying to umd and what are ur gpas

  1. I 've already applied to Umaryland (BSN program) and i have a GPA of 3.0. I am currently taking micro which im getting an A. This would raise my GPA to 3.05 . I had a B in A&P 1,C in A&P2,C in chem lecture, B in chem lab and my soon to come A in micro. I have 4 C's ,5 A's and 8 B's. im just worried because i don't know how they are going to calculate my chem grade( thats whether use the C from lecture or the B from lab). im taking A&P 2 over this fall and i just don't know whether they will use my old grade or hold on since im retaking the class this fall. Is any of u guys applying for SPRING 2007 and what are your GPA's? What do u also think about my GPA. I wrote an excellent essay and i have already had my instructors sent my recommendations. i've not heard from them yet and when i called they told me they have not started processing the applications yet.
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  3. by   clhRN2b2010
    old thread-i would be interested in the answers.

    I am intending on applying to UMD for Spring '09 admission. I will have 3 pre req's to finish in the Fall '08, but will have a 3.66 in the finished pre req's.

    Last semester a current student told me that in her class she did not know ANYONE who got in with anything less than a 4.0. Can this be true?

    More recently, a guy in my A&P class told me that he was told by admissions that the lowest accepted GPA was near 3.5. That makes more sense to me, but how do I know???

    Does anyone have any first hand knowledge they can share?
  4. by   anxious2bnurse
    Hi Clhrn2b2010!

    I will be applying to UMD for Spring '09. I also have a 3.66 GPA.
    I also am eager to know my chances of getting accepted. I have called the Admission Office of UMD to ask about the average GPA. They said it was around 3.5. But, they have empasized that the Science GPA is the first thing they look at. If you have a very good Science GPA, I don't think you should worry too much. They also told me that I have nothing to worry about with an overall 3.66 GPA.

    Just work hard on your remaining prereqs...You never know...The 3.66 may still go up.

    Good luck!!!
  5. by   clhRN2b2010
    Yes, I heard back from Admissions today saying pretty much the same thing. As long as finals go well, I should be swinging a 4.0 in the hopefully that will bode well. I am a tad concerned about the Math portion of the Net, but will study up and do the best I can. What more can you do, you know?

    Keep me posted with any insights and I'll do the same!
    Best wishes!
  6. by   anxious2bnurse
    Haha...Same here....After the finals, I'm done with Science prereqs. I thought I was done with my Science prerequisites until I found out that my Chemistry course is not sufficient. I had to enroll in a higher Chem course...Let's hope that things go well with our finals.

    You might want to buy the review book for the Net. I bought one. I don't think the Math is complicated.

    By the way, what campus do you intend to go to? I intend to get into the Shady Grove campus.
  7. by   lonestar88
    I currently have a 3.57.
    I've gotten one C in Japanese and since it's 4 credit, it dropped my grade like crazy. I also have a dropped W in Calc w/ Analytic Geometry. All of this was in freshman year when I was doing Pre-Pharmacy and doing horrible...

    But ever since then I've gotten no C's and been doing fairly well and gotten even a 4.0 one semester while taking 18 credits (heavy load, ^gpa= ??). I hope that taking the Basic Chem that all science majors take (not the one that's designated for nursing/pre-allied health) will help me also since I heard it was considered harder and nursing school likes it?

    I don't know about a 4.0 but I heard someone with a 3.7 didn't get in. But then I also know of a girl who got a 2.4 who got in just because of this program agreement my school has with UMB.

    No idea.
    I should be getting my acceptance/rejection letter soon... so I'll let you know if I got in or not. hah..
  8. by   clhRN2b2010
    I am hoping for Baltimore campus. I live near Annapolis. If UMD doesn't work out, I plan on going to Anne Arundel Community which has a great program and is very close to home. The only obvious downside is that it would take me an extra year to complete the BSN. Otherwise, I much prefer UMD for the opportunities that exist for urban community service and the academic/research connections.
  9. by   *ac*
    Just curious, did the NET become a requirement?
    I graduated from there in 2007. We took the NET for informational purposes only.
  10. by   clhRN2b2010
    Yes, it is now required and recomended that one gets atleast a 70.
  11. by   Itshamrtym
    Good luck to all of you!!!!! hope everything works out with the school of your choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. by   MZTwin
    Hello All,

    I applied for the Fall 2008 Semester and just found out I got in . My transfer GPA was a 3.78. I had a 4.0 Science GPA and all A's except a B in Nutrition, English 101 (4 yrs ago), and a C in Precalculus (4 yrs ago). Also I got an 89% on the NET, which put me in the 97th percentile. But grades aren't everything because I've heard most people's grades are pretty good (3.5 and up). I also got excellent recommendations from my Gen Chem I, A&P I, and A&P II professors.

    I think everyone should get the study guide for the NET because the test is pretty close to it, however the test is a little harder. The math portion of the test isn't complicated but it is tedious, especially since you don't use a calculator so everything must be done on scrap paper. The hardest part is the Math because of the time( 30 mins for 30 questions). If you can't do each problem in 60 seconds then you won't finish that part on time. Don't underestimate the amount of time long division takes. For example, 4365/239 or 789/3.5 . Do the practice test and time yourself.

  13. by   clhRN2b2010
    Thanks for the advice! I plan on practicing quite a bit for the NET.

    It's been so long since I have been in college the first time (15 years) and I have only had two professors for retaking science pre req's. They both are giving me letters, but I was wondering if perhaps I should include a personal reference also. Maybe the director of an organization that I have done a fair amount of volunteer work over the years? I may ask at the admissions info session what they would like to see.
  14. by   clhRN2b2010
    One question specifically re: the NET.

    One of the study guides I saw had a lot of Algebra. You know, if X=a/23-17C, then c= ?

    Would you say it had a majority of general Math(Mult/Division/fraction/percentages) or more Algebra? Just wondering what I should be practicing.