Interested in Working for Healthways (Columbia)

  1. I have been a telephone triage nurse for many years and I am hearing many insurance companies are leaning toward prevention/wellness and disease management rather than just having triage services. I have heard Healthways is the industry leader and has a strong presence in the Baltimore area. I've been around the block working for call centers in the past so I know all about the push for stats, talk and wrap time focus, and remaining connected to the phone for long periods of time - that goes with the territory and what ya get paid for! I am interested more in the culture of the place outside of the issues named above since every call center environment has to have that focus to stay in business. Does the management team have a good understanding of the business? Are they driving for more contracts to maintain a nurse's job security? Do the nurses get it about the business? I want to work with a team that buys into what they need to do to make the company strong - not just a bunch of people who complain about having to work!! What can you tell me - I have an interview scheduled in 10 days and want to know what to expect. Do they tell you up front about the environment? How long is the wait to get day shift??
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  3. by   Jules A
    I don't know much but I had contacted them after seeing an ad for LPNs but they said they weren't hiring them at that time. Best of luck to you with your interview and please write back if you find the answers to your questions. Jules
  4. by   janster58
    I know they are in the process of hiring 109 RN's in the Raleigh NC office that just recently opened. That will bring them up over 200 nurses. Raleigh is a great place.