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I'm a new a LPN grad in baltimore city and can not find employment . I've applied everywhere and they're telling me either -their not hiring right now or it's to many grads at their facility right... Read More

  1. by   what is going on LPN
    thanks, and by the way I have a interveiw with genesis Fri. wish me luck
  2. by   mh356
    Have you tried USH (university specialty hospital)? I know they hire LPNs. Ordinarily I would tell anyone to steer clear of that place but times are tough and you gotta do what you gotta do. Call HR or go sit in their office.

    Plus the benefit of working for a UMMS affiliated hospital could help pay for RN school. Also try Maryland General.

    Good Luck!!
  3. by   tinediddy
    Hi all. You all sound like you can help me. I am torn between starting a LPN program (if I get in of course) or just going for RN or BSN.

    Dilemma is - I am a mom of 2 with a husband who does work thank goodness but cannot pay all the bills. I came into a little bit of money so we are ok for now! That money will eventually run out sooner than later obviously:-(

    Anyway, my question to you all is after reading this posts and others with people having hard time finding jobs as LPN's (regardless of the economy right now) should I bother doing the LPN right now or should I just go for RN or BSN?

    I still have to do pre-req's (all science ones) so should I take the next year and do the pre-req's at a comm college and then try my luck at a bunch of schools next year (hopefully) or should I do the LPN program right now so I have something under my belt and hopefully get a job making more than $10.00/hour?

    PLEASE HELP! The school that the LPN is being offered at starts July 27th which of course like I said I still have pre-req's to take for that school too. Basically I wouldnt be able to apply for the program at that school til prob Feb 2010. (The school is Sojourner Douglass and they have 3 semesters a year)

  4. by   wigglesgogo
    I think getting at least your LPN under your belt would be good if you can afford it. The problem I had with getting my LPN 1st is there are limited opportunities and you then have to get up the momentum to go back for your RN. But I have definatly seen an improvement in my paycheck since getting my LPN. I am now looking at going back to school for my RN, at least think it will be easier for me to find job once I have my RN since I can stay at my current job or move on either way I should be more marketable. Also because it takes 2 plus years to complete typical AA nursing programs your family could need the money before then. If you would like to go straight for the RN then look into some other quick program that you can work in the medical field and hopefully get a job at a hospital, where they could eventually pay for you schooling. Either way good luck, I heard SJD program is great.
  5. by   Caring 101
    good luck