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  1. Hi All,

    I know Hopkins direct entry MSN is a new program but still curious all around…. does anyone know if previous undergrad "name" accounts for much? I graduated from a private regional school (you haven't heard of it unless you're from the state) and then a pretty low ranked law school. Sigh. I graduated undergrad with a 3.7 and I have all A's in my prereqs. Law school stunk--I had a C+ average. I've volunteered, work indirectly with healthcare topics, and am super pumped and passionate about nursing--- I feel like I found something (finally!) that makes me happy. Hopkins is my first choice. I don't think they (or anyone else) will put much weight on my law school GPA but the fact that I didn't graduate from a "fancier" undergrad makes me feel inadequate when I read other postings. Does it really matter? I am also applying to Georgetown's new CNL program and feel the same way.

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  3. by   snailszy

    I got into the Direct Entry MSN this year- the first cohort. I feel that you had a great undergrad gpa from a 4 year university, and got good grades in your pre-req. Did you do well in your GREs? I feel if you write a stellar essay displaying your passion, and illustrating your story (which seems unique and different from everyone else's) then you have a chance!

    I can go in more detail about my stats if you PM me
  4. by   hopefulhdr
    Hi there,

    im applying to the masters in nursing for spring 2016, my experiences are spot on but my grades may not necessarily be the highest.

    I spoke to the school and they emphasized that they take a holistic approach to considering candidates.

    Hows your application going?

    best of luck!
  5. by   sfr0415
    Hi Snailszy,

    How has your experiences there been through the program? How was the pace of material been? Five semesters of 15 credits with grad levels courses and the nursing foundational material sounds like a lot to cover. What's your take on it?