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  1. Does anyone have any thoughts about working in holy cross' ER? How is the work environment there and how are the nurses treated? Would you recommend for a close friend to work there or your worst enemy I need some input before I make an attempt.
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  3. by   bogdana
    I have heard very good things about HC, that the nurse manager treats staff right. I am an ED nurse as well but I cannot fill the hours they have available (12p-12a or 3p-3a). Good luck, I do suggest you go for it!
  4. by   hopeful1286
    thank you for your reply. it is greatly appreciated.
  5. by   BurgerEDRN
    I started my nursing career there and hated it. The nursing managers are terrible (they are gone through 3 directors in 3 years) and the nurse to pt ratio is unsafe. A lot of times you will have a 4 pt monitored assignment and they will give you 2 additional hallway pts, both of which should be monitored. The pt population is less than great. HCH is right on the out skirts of the beltway and the city so you get a lot of really sick pts who don't take care of themselves and almost every day we had drunks in the hallways puking over the sides of the stretchers or urinating on the floor. I wouldn't go back there if they paid me $80/hr and their turnover rate for safe is just as high as their management...Sorry to be so honest.