Help! Moving to Baltimore - Any suggestions on where to live?

  1. Hello! I'm a new graduate RN and I just got a job at the University of Maryland Medical Center with a start date of January 14. I've been looking on craigslist, trying to ask friends of friends where to live, and I've looked on here but I haven't found too much still. Anyone living in Baltimore have any suggestions? I want to live in the city, but also in a safe, walkable area. Also, besides craigslist, does anyone have any other suggestions for searching? Any advice/help is really appreciated!!! Thank you!
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  3. by   XmasShopperRN
    UMMC provides, or at least subsidizes, housing for its medical staff, so I'm sure the hospital maintains a list of available housing nearby. My only advice is to find an apartment or town house within walking distance to the campus. While security's always around and the campus is well-lit, the campus spans well over several blocks, and isn't exactly in the safest part of the city. But you'll love the area and city life! Best wishes on your move, and welcome to Balmore Hon!!!
  4. by   jclemieu
    Thank you!! I will definitely check that out. If anyone else from Baltimore has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! Thanks again.
  5. by   LaurieEllen1973
    Not sure if you've found something yet, but Baltimore has lots of walkable neighborhoods surrounding the harbor. You should look into Fells Point, Canton, and Federal Hill for starters. Locust Point is beside Fort McHenry, and is also good, tho not quite as vibrant as the other three. Baltimore has an edginess that I happen to love. I hope you will find it is a match for you. Beware much of the city is an unsafe wasteland. Do not relocate sight-unseen. I am sorry to have to say that. I love this city, and would never leave.