Graduate in December with my AS in Medical Assisting......But....

  1. Hi everyone, just wondering what you all would do??

    I graduate in December with my AS in Medical Assisting and I am wondering if there is a college that will let go straight for my BSN? I have looked at a few colleges and they all say RN to BSN. I have seen an RN program at a few colleges as well, and I already have all the classes except for the actually nursing courses, and A&P II. I have even taken Phamracology, Medical Terminology etc. in my Medical Assisting program, will any college let me just advance into the RN programs if I already have the classes?

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  3. by   pinkiepie_RN
    You'd have to apply to a BSN program but as long as you have the appropriate pre-requisites, it shouldn't be an issue. RN to BSN programs are for those with a diploma or ASN in nursing, I think. They also have accelerated BSN and MSN programs for those with BS degrees in something other than nursing.
  4. by   SiennaGreen
    Most CC progras and some BSN programs, like the UMD Trad BSN, are 4 semester blocks of nursing only courses. The pre requisites for the nursing core are similar, although the BSN pre req's will require many more gen ed courses (think literature, history, higher math, humanities, electives). If you have completed the pre requisites coursework, there is no reason you could not apply toward an RN program-either ADN or BSN.

    I sincerely doubt that the MA coursework itself will apply toward much, sadly. Even the Med terminology stuff, while helpful to you personally, doesn't count for much. Even if having the MA degree doesn't shorten your RN program, consider yourself fortunate to have some background educationally and you can also find employment prior to and during school. Many hospitals are still contributing toward an employees RN education.