Got accepted at CCBC-Catonsville Fall 2009

  1. i got my acceptance letter today from CCBC-catonsville RN Day program for Fall 2009.
    anyone who got accepted, please make it known here so we can get acquainted early.

    Way to go...yipppie!
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  3. by   hiphopRN
    I'm in there too! Maybe we'll have classes at the same time.

    :spin: Mandy
  4. by   sweetestt7

    I was accepted into the Fall 2009 RN Day Program as well.. Are you guys as excited as I am?

    Peace and Blessings,
  5. by   Dani8962
    congrats to all that got accepted to ccbc fall 2009!!

    i got accepted to the online hybrid ccbc fall 2009 - so i will have lab and clinicals on mondays at the school - maybe we will run into each other.

    can you believe all the stuff we have to do before 7/31!!! with all the dr appts, seminars, orientations, dossage calc, background checks, learning harbor, etc... my calendar looks like someone threw up on it. plus i am taking en102 online this summer as my final class.

    do you all have orientation on 5/29? or do they do a different day for the day program?

  6. by   sweetestt7
    Yes, mine is 5/29 from 9:30-4:30p.m. I believe. I went up on Thursday to register for my dosage class Summer 2 session. I figured I would do Summer 2 so the information would still be fresh. I kept trying to register online, but found out you can't register for Nursing courses online. Apparently they all have to be signed off on. :-)

    I guess I will see you all on the 29th. Enjoy this nice Spring weather!!
  7. by   Dani8962
    I did not think you could sign up for the summer dosage class until the 29th at the orientation.... they let you sign up? Did you do the online dosage class or on campus?

    See you on the 29th!!!
  8. by   sweetestt7
    online, section 60420. It was $132.
  9. by   nars1234
    ive registered for 2 courses; Dosage calculation -section 60420 (starts 6/25), CPR- section ZW1 (july 18)

    when are we gonna pay the $200.00 deposit for accepting the seat.

    see u guys on 5/29 (orientation day)
  10. by   Dani8962
    Did you have to go to the campus to register for the classes or did you do it online? I tried online but there was an error message.
  11. by   sweetestt7

    Yes, you have to go to the campus to have it signed off by I believe it is Ms. Netzer (I hope that is her name) - you then take it to registration in the building next door.

    Hope this helps.
  12. by   lilbaugs
    hey! I am looking into the program at CCBC the online program. I was just wondering if anyone was accepted into the program that could help me a little. My email is if it is easier or on here. Thanks any help is apperciated.
  13. by   Dani8962
    I did get accepted to the online Hybrid Rn program for the Fall 2009. All of the material says that it is 12 hours one day a week at the school and everything else online but they did change it this year to 8 hours mondays (clinicals) and 4 hours wednesdays (skills lab and lecture) plus all the online stuff. They said that they tried it for one sememster 12 hours one day and everyone was struggling and not doing well at all so they changed it.

    The smemsters for the online program are also longer - we start Aug 10th through late December and start again in Jan (no winter break) and go through May. So our time off is alot less than the "on-ground" students.

    Books and uniforms are expensive!!! One uniform set is about $160 - good thing is online you really only need one since we only have on clinical day a week. Otherwise the course material is exactly the same as the day/evening/weekend students.

    If you think of any other questions just post them - will be happy to answer them.

  14. by   ga2md2brn
    Congratulations! I just got my accpetance letter for AACC! Good luck with school and YIPPEE!

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