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i got my acceptance letter today from CCBC-catonsville RN Day program for Fall 2009. anyone who got accepted, please make it known here so we can get acquainted early. Way to go...yipppie!... Read More

  1. by   knina
  2. by   smilesilove
    Hi Danielle. I am on my third semester for the online program. My class were the guinea pigs of the online class. I'm glad to hear that they separated it into two days because those Mondays were really really long for us. I remember taking an exam and falling asleep because of our long day. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck. The online program is really great! Congrats again!
  3. by   honeydippeaches
    Hello everyone! I'm applying to CCBC catonsville for the day RN program for the Spring 2010 semester. I have an over GPA of 3.03 and a 2.79 for the science,psyc101, engl101 GPA. Also, I'm taking Micro now, so its in progress...and I'll have to take ENGL 102 over the summer if I get into the program...I got an 84.1 overall on the TEAS and a 90 in the Reading...I'm so nervous and anxious!!!!

    Would anyone mind telling me their stats?? I just want to know if I stand a chance.
  4. by   bmc0711
    Can anyone tell me about interview for CCBC's online hybrid nursing program? I've already applied and would like to prepare. Also, are the sticking to the direct patient experience requirement? I've heard they could "look the other way" on the that one. Thanks.
  5. by   Dani8962
    Last fall they did not do the interviews and they did not require the direct patient care - but all the literature said they needed both. So not really sure what they are going to do this year. Sorry could not be more help.

  6. by   bmc0711
    I have a feeling they won't ask for either. Thanks for the info. I already applied and took that miserable TEAS test. I just have to wait now!
  7. by   bmc0711
    I hope you don't mind if I pick your brain a bit! I'm getting nervous. When you take the first dosage course (over the summer, I assume), is the first dosage test multiple choice? How about the other semesters for dosage tests? Thanks.
  8. by   bbarefoot

    Can you tell me how you like the online/hybrid? I am very interested in it and would like to gain any insight you may have. I am about to submit my application and am leaning towards the online. I have taken online courses, but obviously not as difficult as I would believe the nursing program to be. I've heard that they have made some adjustments through the past year. Do you feel you have enough time with the instructors?

    Thanks so much!

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