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  1. Hello, anyone else applying for the CNL program spring 2018? My application is complete and ready for review. Just wanted to see where everyone else is at..
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  3. by   Joyofcnl
    Hey nurse champ. Hey I'm still waiting. I think they start reviewing application June 15th. Did yours change to committee ready yet? I applied since April 11th
  4. by   NurseChamp
    Hello joyofcnl, my application still says complete and ready for review. Is that where yours is at as well? The process seems to be really slow. I'm dying to know what's next
  5. by   Joyofcnl
    right... i've been checking everyday but nothing yet. I'm more worried about my undergrad gpa. so far undergrad is a 2.8 and my prereqs is a 3.4, I still have 3 more classes to take,which i'm taking fall semester. I hope that does not get in the way of admission
  6. by   NurseChamp
    My undergraduate GPA is exactly at a 3.0 and my prereqs GPA is about the same as yours. And I'm still taking nutrition. However, i think i have a pretty strong personal statement so maybe that might help. I'm worried too, it took a lot of courage for me to even apply so i would hate to be rejected. What classes do you have left to take? You should be fine if you've taken chemisty, i hear chemisry is a major deciding factor
  7. by   Joyofcnl
    oh wow... well. I still have to take chem, anatomy 2 and statistic
  8. by   NurseChamp
    Well, i don't want to discourage you. Just that I've heard a lot of people talk about chemistry on other forums. Just keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best. I've been praying non-stop lol
  9. by   Joyofcnl
    Me too lol. i think its hard for people to see this forum. You might want to change it to "umd cnl spring 2018" I literally had to search before this came along. Thanks for opening this forum its nice a way to keep track of the admission process and it also helps with my anxiety. lol
  10. by   NurseChamp
    Lol i don't know how to edit it. I don't think that option is available once you've made a post public. And yea you're welcome, thanks for responding. Made me feel a little better because now i know I'm not alone in my stress
  11. by   Ltysolomon

    I applied to the CNL program for Spring 2018. My application was recently updated to Committee ready. I don't know what that means. I do have two more classes to complete. I wont be finished with them until Dec I hope this does not interfere with the decision so my fingers are currently crossed.
  12. by   deeero
    Hi all!
    I just sent in my application last night! Although my community college transcript has still not been sent even though I was told it would be yesterday 😡 I hope it gets sent today...

    I'm so nervous! I don't have a backup... So if I don't get in I'll be trying again for the fall.

    Good luck to all!
  13. by   MakingDreamsComeTrue
    Hi! Ive been searching for the Spring 2018 CNL group! I am so nervous, called yesterday and left a message. They called back while I was in class, I'm calling again today and I will post any answers I get.

    I have been wait-listed twice for the BSN program at UMD so I decided to just try for the CNL. I am now at committee ready as well, my app has been finished since early June. I am not sure my actual over all GPA, have gone too many schools, though I know its just below/ around 3.0... My prereq GPA is closer to a 3.75, I had to retake everything due to time. I am currently taking Human Growth & Dev, which is all I have left. I have also applied to Johns Hopkins and Shenandoah University's accelerated second bachelors.

    From what I read in the Spring 2017 forum they were already receiving invitations for interviews and essays. These are all things all be asking, does anyone else have any questions they would like me to ask?
  14. by   MakingDreamsComeTrue
    I called and got no where... she told me to email for an update and said possibly 3-4 more weeks... I tried my best to kindly say REALLY! Haha