CCBC/Towson ATM program spring 2012

  1. Anyone else accepted to this program? I am so excited to start!
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  3. by   jba314
    Congrats! How are you liking the program so far?
  4. by   jba314
    Oops, you don't start until Spring 2012. A BIG congrats!
  5. by   Kelly728
    Congrats on your acceptance!

    I am considering applying for the program this summer for Spring 2013. Did you have all of your prerequisites completed before applying? By August I should have 4 credits of Chem and Intro to Sociology remaining, which I will plan to complete in the fall. I'm hoping that would not too severely reduce my chances of acceptance.
  6. by   JulieRN14
    Thanks so much!

    I finished up my BS from UMBC on August 18 and the application was due on the 15th and had to rush my grades/transcripts to CCBC/Towson. So technically I wasn't finished but I kind of was (?)... I was told several times that you must already have your degree to apply. I would contact the school it probably depends on the pre-reqs you are still enrolled in/how far away you are from you degree. On my acceptance letter it said that any classes you are currently enrolled in you must pass with a C or better.

    They accepted 16 people this semester. I am not sure the number of total applicants.
  7. by   Kelly728
    I already have my degree (B.S. and M.S.). I'm a career changer, so I am enrolling at CCBC to finish the pre-reqs. I guess I should have mentioned that the first time! Gwyn, the nurse advisor at Catonsville, said I may be at a bit of a disadvantage not having those courses completed yet but didn't sound too discouraging.
  8. by   JulieRN14
    With a B.S and M.S. I wouldn't be too worried about it.
    Louis Simmons deals with the ATM applicants, I would contact her if you are concerned.
  9. by   Kelly728
    Good to know, thanks!
  10. by   Don1968
    Julie, what's your BS in? BTW I'm in your class as an ASN.
  11. by   JulieRN14
    I have a BS in psychology w. a biology minor.

    congrats on getting into the ASN program!
  12. by   taf1
    Did you apply to the ATM program for this spring Kelly728?