CCBC Essex, Nursing Fall 2017 - page 14

Hello Friends, I am sure that many of you might have already applied for the nursing program at CCBC. I just submitted my application for ATB nursing day program for fall 2017 at CCBC Essex. I... Read More

  1. by   Kau809666
    Now I'm scared as mine still says complete and ready to review may be this mean that I didn't get in.
  2. by   Gtama
    Mine still says complete and ready to review. I have applied for ATB at Essex. I think they are stil reviewing the applications
  3. by   Kau809666
    Just called shp and spoke with mrs valerie, she said they are still working on it and this week we will get our emails.
  4. by   shelby8408
    Did you apply to catonvilles?
  5. by   Gtama
    I applied for Essex, but no updates
  6. by   HeySalad
    I applied to Essex and mine just says decision made!!!! Cross your fingers we all get an email tomorrow
  7. by   Gtama
    @HeySalad, I also applied to Essex, but it is not updated yet. I think their office is closed now. Hopefully We will hear from them by tomorrow.
  8. by   Jglad
    I just checked and mine says decision made now!
  9. by   still_waters
    I just checked mine again and it says Decision Made!!!!
  10. by   Cnryan7
    Does when you apply to the program effect when you get in or not? Like, i submitted my application to CAS on january 3rd but everything wasnt verified till january 24th. Then, I submitted the simon application on january 25th. Do you guys think this effects my chances??
  11. by   Nyrse2b
    @ Cnryan I don't think that it effects your chances of getting in I feel that they look at the whole applicant pool, and if they did it on a basis of who submits application first then applicants who applied earlier would get there decision first this program is not a first come first served program.
  12. by   shelby8408
    Anything yet!? I haven't seen anything... uhhh so nerve racking
  13. by   cmonroy7
    No seat fee or email for me