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  1. I am trying to decide between the ATB programs at CCBC . I favor Frostburg University because it's online and I have children and wouldn't want to traveling too much. With that being said, I also do not want to be writing papers all the time . I need help !!!!! I'm open to any of the 4 ( Towson , Stevenson, Frostburg and Norte Dame ) I just want to make sure that the program is well organized . Please if you have attending these programs , do me a favor and share your experience . Thanks all
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    • Norte Dame University

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  4. by   BlackMagicGypsy
    I'm a CCBC-Frostburg ATB student.
    Frostburg has been pretty good so far, I'm in my second semester of the second year, never had to go to FSU campus for anything, classes are set up in an easy to use way as long as you're familiar with online classes. I highly recommend it because my classmates running between two campuses are very stressed. I work FT and have been able to manage all the deadline so far.

    Unfortunately, there are many papers. You'll be an APA pro by the end of it if you aren't already. It's an easy trade-off when you're never on campus and not doing much else in the classes.