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    I am in the process of applying to Montgomery College's nursing program. I am having a hard time determining if an ASN will get me a job in the areas I prefer or if I have to have a BSN. I have a prior BA in journalism and just completed my MC prereqs in December. I would like to go into labor & delivery, maternity/post-partem, NICU, pediatrics, obstetrics (you see the pattern). Problem is that I am in my mid 30s and want to start working sooner rather than later and if I try to get into UMD I would need 3-4 more prereqs. I've already taken the TEAS and scored in the 96th percentile. With the economy the way it is and with so many people going into nursing I am worried I won't be as marketable in the job market with an ASN and given my age. Any suggestions? A NICU friend of mine had convinced me to just do the ASN, get a job and then have the hospital pay for me to get my BSN. Is this the way to go or not?

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  3. by   Student4_life
    Well, you just missed the fall deadline for UMB so it would be a year before you started classes at UMB assuming you got in (unlike MC that uses grades pretty much as p/f and ranks using the TEAS, UMB takes everything into consideration). This being the case, with you wanting to start work earlier and having 2 little ones (you already have half the classes done so your semester workload will trend lighter in MC's program (60ish credits total, half done so 30 credits over 2 years) vs UMB's program (120 credits total, 59 done so 61 to do in 2 years)) MC would be the better choice. And although I do think BSN has an edge over ADN in hiring, you'll still have a Bachelors on your resume so as long as the Human Resources computer isn't scanning Resumes for "BSN" as a qualifier you'll be able to hold your own.
  4. by   BCicalaRN
    I started out in the bachelors program at UMAB SON, and after having to take a leave to have my son, I returned to the Associates program at AACC. It was a hard decision to make because I was going from a bachelors degree to an associates degree, but I now had a family and I am not in a position to NOT work. They only way for me to finish was to go back to an associates degree program and the best part is the program I am in is online and my clinicals are on the weekends. I have time to work and be with my family (sometimes haha). but I was told that too, that the BSN "looks" better and it might, but I will be starting an externship at a Magnet Hospital in a few weeks (as you know Maganet Hospitals dont hire a lot of ADN) and they pull RNs right from their current staff and externs. They made me feel great about my opportunities once I graduate and I will have the option for them to pay for me to finish my BSN. I think you are on the right tract anf if you can work somewhere at a hospital or facility that you are interested in working at once you graduate, you may be set!

    Also hearing from my friends who are already working, both ADN and BSN there is no difference in pay, maybe a few cents in some cases!