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Hello everybody! I just received my acceptance letter for the Howard Community College accelerated RN program starting in May, 2009 (and running until July, 2010). I wanted to see if there was... Read More

  1. by   scuderiax
    hi i came across this thread. I am from san diego california. I have a previous bachelor's in business and is seeking a BSN or ADN this program would be perfect for me since i am actually considering moving to maryland ( where i have family , aunts that are all nurses) and study there since theres a minimum of 2-3 year wait here in cali for aspiring nurse students.

    the think is i know for a fact that in my previous degree i did not have a 3.5 or even a 3,0 GPA. Will i still be able to join this program. I know i am a good student if i really focus on stuff. Back then when i was going for my first bachelor's i just cruised by I did some high grades but they were not consistent since I just wanted to get it over with. I never failed a course though.

    Can anyone help me on this. Tomorrow I will call HCC. My cousin used to go there but she transferred to UM and is also taking nursing there
  2. by   lmk1102
    Pschopharmacology can you tell me what your schedule was like in the summer months as far as how many days a week and hours that were required when you get a chance. Not talking about your own time you spent studing but just strictly lecture and clinical time. We have orientation in March but just trying to get an idea. Thanks so much!
  3. by   daisification
    KOALA_BEAR --- I desperately need to get a rough idea of what the schedule is for the accelerated RN program because I have to make a decision about whether I have to quit my job or not and if so whether I want to accept my seat in the program. I see you mentioned you have 2 8 hour days/week for clinicals. besides this what is the schedule like. your response is highlyyy appreciated. My forum for this question is also found here:

  4. by   daisification
    lmk1102 Please respond to my thread on :