AACC Spring 2017

  1. Hi everyone! I just wanted to start a board for everyone starting AACC RN program in January 2017. I know it's kind of early but, I'm super excited to start and I can't wait to meet all my classmates! So drop in and say hi!
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  3. by   neenbeen93
    Hi! I actually think we talked a bit in the "fall 2016 hopefuls" thread. I'm so excited to begin the program! Are you currently a cna? I might sign up for the pct program at aacc in august. I work at bwmc and I think they help with tuition.
  4. by   pamelaj629
    Hi again! Yes I am currently a CNA and I work at Holy Cross Hospital. I did my CNA through the Red Cross but I have a friend who did the pct program at AACC and loved it! I cannot wait to start!
  5. by   neenbeen93
    woooo! That's a commute! So after the program at aacc, do you plan on getting your bsn??
  6. by   pamelaj629
    Gotta love that beltway lol. After AACC I want to go straight into a RN - BSN program while I look for a job with my ADN. What about you?
  7. by   neenbeen93
    After the adn program, I'm planning to get into the rn-bsn program at UMSON. Like right away. I'm scared I won't be able to find a job with just my adn.
  8. by   pamelaj629
    That's my plan as well but I think I will also apply for jobs as well. I want to have some RN experience.
  9. by   PocketSize
    Congratulations on getting in[emoji4] I went through it and it's a good, rigorous program. They definitely prepare you well. If anyone needs books, drop me a PM! I'm ready to hang up my hat lol

    Best of luck and get ready to learn so much!
  10. by   pamelaj629
    Thank you so much! Do you have any wisdom for us newbies?
  11. by   tm812
    Hi ladies Did you all already receive confirmation of being in the Spring 2017 class? I don't think I will be accepted until the Fall 2017 class but thought I'd follow this thread for advice
  12. by   pamelaj629
    Yes I recieved my conditional acceptance email at the end of April. When did you put your application in? It took about a week or two to hear back after I submitted my application.
  13. by   neenbeen93
    Yep! I submitted my application during the end of March, and got the conditional acceptance letter in the beginning of April. On a side note, the email says to respond back with either "accept" or "deny" and I obviously replied back with "accept" but I don't think my student email is functioning. You think they'd call just to double check right? I don't want to lose my spot
  14. by   pamelaj629
    I just hit reply on the email they sent me. I checked my sent emails and it was there. They never called or emailed me back after I sent my accept email. Did they ever respond to you? I just want to make sure everything went through!