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Hi everyone! I just wanted to start a board for everyone starting AACC RN program in January 2017. I know it's kind of early but, I'm super excited to start and I can't wait to meet all my... Read More

  1. by   Brevmoore
    Okay hopefully I get an email within a week or so
  2. by   neenbeen93
    Have you guys gotten books yet? Scared to find out the total price
  3. by   pamelaj629
    I bought all my books from a friend who graduated in December. I paid $350 to buy all of hers(there's like 30 books) and there's only 4 books that are older editions! Try looking through the AACC NSA fb page. A bunch of people are selling their books and you could save so much money!
  4. by   pamelaj629
    I know the one bundle through the school is like $700
  5. by   neenbeen93
    Ah thank you, thank you! Gonna go look up the fb page now. Someone was saying that the total was around like $1200 and I was honestly about to faint.
  6. by   teebaby0371
    Hello Everyone - I am slated for the Fall 2017 session but I am curious on how many people selected the hybrid option? They didn't have a place on the application to select hybrid. Can someone shed light on how they selected the hybrid students during the mandatory orientation you attended in November?

    Thanks in advance :-)
  7. by   tm812
    Hi teebaby0371!

    I am also slated for the Fall 2017 class and received a call this morning asking if I was interested in starting tomorrow! It was too short of notice though and no hybrid spots were available. I did not attend the orientation but my friend is currently in the program and doing hybrid. She said what happened was they had to submit the paperwork after that with the hybrid option selected and it was basically first come first serve. I believe they only select 16 people per semester.
  8. by   teebaby0371
    Hi TM812 - I also received a call yesterday morning asking if I wanted to start the morning session today. I had to decline because I need the hybrid section. When I spoke with the lady that called she stated it use to be on first come first serve basis with submitting your paperwork but this last session they did it differently. She said that it was based off on where you signed your name on the clipboard on the day of orientation and when they called your row or something like that. It was very confusing. Nor sure why they do not offer slight more hybrid seats if they have seen the need for the grow over the years. Thanks for the reply. I just hope I get a hybrid seats because if not, it seems that the wait is about a year to get into the program when applying.
  9. by   colvrsm
    Hey everyone! I got accepted to start in the Fall 2017. I was talking to a friend about the nursing program (also slotted for fall 2017) and she mentioned that we would be divided into groups at orientation so we can cycle through the clinicals. Could you share what goes on at orientation and how/if they divide you up? Thank you!

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