Marshfield Clinic residency


Has anyone applied for the Marshfield Clinic residency? Any information is appreciated!

Anyone?!?!? Or does anyone have any info on Marshfield or Marshfield clinic in general??? I know nothing!


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Hi What location are you looking at ? The main campus in Marshfield?

Well actually st Joseph's now, I had an interview last week!


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Yes, Hospital and clinic .. a long standing animosity that will hopefully go away now with the acquisition.

I will be honest... Marshfield doesn't pay the best, and is going to be undergoing quite a few changes in the coming months etc.. They have a pretty decent turn over rate, I think in part to the issue with the clinic and hospital in the past , but also the location isnt ideal.

Marshfield offers the basics but otherwise you drive....

Eau Claire via the back roads is about an hour away, Stevens Point is about 40 minutes, Appleton is about 1.45, Wausau is about 45 minutes...

Winter driving stinks... hands down in those areas, it just does.

If you are sure that is the position you want, then I hope you get it!

IF not..

Be sure to check Gundersen Lutheran in LaCrosse, Theda Clark in Appleton, Mayo/Luther in Eau Claire , UW hospitals in Madison, and of course Mayo in Rochester MN

Luther hospital in Eau Claire is part of the Mayo System and Theda Clark is a Mayo Partner.

Neither of them do things the " MAYO" way like they do in Rochester.

If you are ever lucky enough to get a job in Rochester at the Mayo Clinic / Hospitals. The training you get there will land you any job you want later. It is truly impressive. They do things very differently and the team approach works well. I have not seen that anywhere else to that extent.

It is also nice to work somewhere where they have ALL the resources they need.

Good Luck in whatever you decide! :)

PS. If you stay in a hotel in Marshfield...... Stay at the Holiday Inn. They have a Clinic rate of 82 a night if you ask for it. They do a lot of business with the clinic and St Joes.

The other hotels in Marshfield are.. uhhhm well either have a history of bed bugs, have had outbreaks of Norovirus recently , or are just not great. It's slim picking... ;)

IF you need to stay at the holiday inn for a longer term til you find a rental, Talk to Jeannie she can probably get you a better rate.


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Let me know if there is anything else I can do as far as info etc..

We dont live in Marsh. but know the area well as well as the surrounding areas , Eau Claire and the Mayo system etc..


Here are some links... you prob already have but in case you dont

Careers - Mayo Clinic Health System

Minnesota - Jobs - Mayo Clinic

Important to know that Mayo Clinic has St Mary's Hospital , this is where the ED is and Children's Hospital etc.. They also have Methodist Hospital which does not have an ED and some inpatients at Charlton and Genrose. But only St Mary's has an ED. Mayo hospitals serve Mayo clinic patients and are staffed by 100% Mayo docs. It is an entirely different and amazing way of doing things. Most the buildings are connected by tunnels and skywalks as well.

Nursing Job Opportunities - Gundersen Health System

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To OP, do not listen to anyone trashing Marshfield clinic organization if they have never worked there. I completed my Critical Care Nurse Residency in Feb this year (2017) and it was a great experience. Currently working in one of the ICU. As you know, Marshfield Clinic is in the process of buying out St. Joseph hospital, which everyone is happy about.

When I applied for the Residency, I was called after 4 days and had appointment for interview. They are very good with calling candidates. My offer as a new grad was $26.50 base plus I was given $1,500 recruitment bonus. After completing my Residency, I was added $1.05 plus yearly increase of $0.40, I will be graduating this coming weekend and I am guaranteed additional $1.00. So basically as a new nurse, I am making about $29/hr. Typically, this area and around here, ministry is starting their employees at about $23/hr. Also, we have double dollar initiatives and single dollar. Clinic pays $20 in addition to your base salary if you pick up those extra shift specials plus you get your overtime pay after 40hrs/week. I live in a one bedroom spacious apt. at $450/month, water and electricity the highest I have paid is $18/month.

If you like night-club lifestyle then this is not your place. I am not originally from here, I just moved to the area due to this great opportunity, I go back home on my off day. One thing that the organization should work on is health insurance. The best you can get is $3300 for single deductible, or $6000 for family deductible that changed since this year. last year, you were able to choose $1500 single and $3000 family for deductible. You cant have it all! There are other coverage but their premiums are steep. If you need more information. You can PM me.

PS I just recruited two of my friends and one is interviewing tomorrow (she is on this site), the other is in July.