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Marquette university Direct entry MSN Spring 2021

by guilene lea guilene lea (New) New

Hi everyone I decided to start this forum for all those applying to Marquette direct entry MSN Spring 2021

I already submitted my application and now I’m stressing out while waiting for the respond LOL. Anyone else ?

I applied and am waiting. Do you know how many applicants they have a year? Also, you mind sharing your stats?

No I don’t know how many applicants they have. They told me we will be getting responses by September the 9😅.

my overall GPA is 3.6 and they waived the GRE requirement. 

A&P 1 : B

A&P 2 :A

Microbiology : B

Chemistry A

nutrition:  A

psychology : A

Statistics :A

I submitted 2 letter of recommendation from my professor and one from my supervisor. 
what about you? What are your stat? I hope we get accepted 

My overall GPA is 3.3. All As in prerequisites.

LOR: Supervisor, two professors. 

Any previous healthcare experience?

Me too! I wish you the best!


I got my acceptance email today 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 Im from Houston now I have to find a roommate and a place to stay LOL 

I got accepted as well! Look forward to meeting you!

I am going to be submitting my application this week and I'm both nervous and excited. My stats: 

A&P: A (But I have retaken it 3 times to get this grade)

Chemistry: A

Microbiology: B

Stats: B (5 years old so I will be testing out). 

Nutrition:  A-

Psychology : A-

Overall GPA is a 3.4 

I have a lot of healthcare experience so I'm hoping that helps with my app (approx 6 years as a CNA and 1 year as a medical assistant). My LOR are from the doctor I work for and 2 previous professors. Please say a prayer not sure I've ever wanted anything more than this!

Anyone else applying to pleasant prairie? 



Congrats on your acceptance! I applied in August but my recommender didn't send in the LOR until 9/15/20. I also got an email from an advisor wanting to set up a time to discuss the next steps in admission? Any advice on what this means? 

Thank you.

My admissions counselor told me that they did the second round of reviews today and they'll send out decisions starting on Friday... hoping I get in! I also applied to the Pleasant Prairie location. 

Hi futurefnphopefully your stat looks good and I’m sure your years of experience are going to help 🙏🏽 Wishing you the best 

Hi! I just received my acceptance letter today!! Looking forward to meeting you all!

Congratulations Nyah5🎉🎉🎉looking forward to see you 

If anyone is looking for a roommate, please let me know!


What course of nutrition did you guys take? My advisor told me today that my nutrition class isn’t equivalent to theirs.. kinda bummed 😞

HappyCoffee, CNA

Has 2 years experience.

My nutrition 101 class from my B.S. was not accepted either. I retook the class at the local community college after confirming with the advisor that it was accepted. Make sure the description includes "across the lifespan".

I thought it was weird how my nutrition class wasn’t accepted. My advisor told me to take it now but it has to be completed by 1/25 but I don’t think that’s possible 😞 might have to reapply next cycle

On 9/30/2020 at 11:18 PM, guilene lea said:

Hi futurefnphopefully your stat looks good and I’m sure your years of experience are going to help 🙏🏽 Wishing you the best 

I got my acceptance letter today!! 🎉 I’m so excited!!