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Maricopa community colleges class schedules


For those of us on the waitlist one of the major questions we always seem to have is "I wonder what my class schedule for a particular school will look like"? I decided to start a thread that was dedicated strictly for those of us who wonder this on a daily basis sometimes. This question has been answered on several seperate threads dating back many years, but I thought it would be beneficial for us to have a "one stop shop thread":clown: If you are a current student or new grad and wouldn't mind helping those of us out who are still trying to figure out which program would work for us and need to get a better understanding of what blocks 1-4 would look like schedule wise, it would be greatly appreciated.

I am greatly aware that none of the information posted should be considered set in stone, I would however like to hear what students have experienced when it comes to schedules for all of the programs that are currently being offered through the Maricopa Community College program. :redpinkhe

Good luck to everyone who has been accepted for spring 2011 and those of us still waiting.


Hi Crystal 74,

I am currently in Block I at MCC. Our schedule is 0900-1150 M/T Lecture, 0730 - 1500 W/TR Lab. Clinicals start the third week of October and are either mornings 0630-1400 or afternoons 1400-2130. You also have the option to sign up for a Math class and a review class. Math is Mondays from 1230 -1320 and Review is on Tuesdays from 1230-1340. Neither of those two classes run the whole semester.

We did get our Block II info. Cinicals are every other week on M/T Lecture on W from 0900-1300. During non-clinical weeks we have Lab on Tuesdays and are off on Mondays. I hope this helps! I read one of your other posts about the never ending wait...don't give up. My time stamp was 10/2008 and it took me just under 2 years. You should still have a good chance to get in by Fall of 2011.

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i am wrapping up block 2 of the weekend program at glendale.

block 1:

friday- lecture and lab from 700 to... i think it was 3. seems like forever ago!

saturday- lab or clinical 630 to about 2 i think.

block 2:

friday- clinicals from 630-330 (includes post conference). sometimes there is a a late afternoon/night clinical option, but this changes each semester. you do have to go to the hospital on thursday sometime between 6am and 6pm to pick a patient to careplan.

saturday- lecture 800-1130. there is a review class afterward from 1145-1230.

for block 3 we were informed that there most likely be some sunday clinicals also. the schedule has not been provided yet.

also want to add that the semesters are longer than the traditional program- you will start in january a week before the other students, and your summer breaks are very short, just a few weeks. so you get the same number of lecture/clinical hours as the weekday programs, just in a longer semester.

Hi Guys,

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply, I dont know if this will help many people, but it sure helps me.

patientlywaiting2008 thank you so much fr the words of encouragement, I know I should just calm down and enjoy this time off right now with the kids, but sometimes the wait just seems brutal and never ending.

THank you both:heartbeat