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For those of us on the waitlist one of the major questions we always seem to have is "I wonder what my class schedule for a particular school will look like"? I decided to start a thread that was dedicated strictly for those of us who wonder this on a daily basis sometimes. This question has been answered on several seperate threads dating back many years, but I thought it would be beneficial for us to have a "one stop shop thread":clown: If you are a current student or new grad and wouldn't mind helping those of us out who are still trying to figure out which program would work for us and need to get a better understanding of what blocks 1-4 would look like schedule wise, it would be greatly appreciated.

I am greatly aware that none of the information posted should be considered set in stone, I would however like to hear what students have experienced when it comes to schedules for all of the programs that are currently being offered through the Maricopa Community College program. :redpinkhe

Good luck to everyone who has been accepted for spring 2011 and those of us still waiting.


In block 1 at GWCC spring we went Monday & Tuesday 8-4 with 50 minute lunch. We had 8 eight hour clinicals and 4 eight hour alternative clinicals on Thursdays and Fridays. The first few weeks we went 2-3 additional eight hour days for labs. In block 2 over the summer we went 12 eight hour med surg clinicals and class for ten-eleven weeks for 3-6 hours a day, it lightened up at the end of the semester, we did not have alternative clinical. In block 3 we went 2 days a week (Monday and Tuesday) for the first month, then 1 day (Tuesday) all for 3 hour classes. We had 4 - 12 hour med surg clinicals, 4 - 12 hour OB clinicals, and 4 - 12 hour peds clinicals, and 1 - eight hour alternative clinical. In block 4 we are scheduled for 2 days a week for 3 months and med surg (ER/ICU) and psych rotations. You can look at the different schedules each block on their website, just search for the NUR's.

In block 1 (Fundamentals) at GCC we did Monday and Tuesday lectures from 8 - 10:50 and then lab from 11:50 - 1:50, Wednesdays we were in lab (I don't remember the exact times) for the first 6 weeks, then the following Wednesdays were clinical days. Usually from 6:30 - 1. Thursday we had lab from 8 to 10:50.

Thanks for the info guys, Im really hoping and praying for this Fall, so we will soon see:coollook:

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