March 2005 PA Patient Safety Advisory:When Patients Speak - Collaboration in Patient


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from pa nurses enews update:

now available: march 2005 pa-psrs patient safety advisory (vol. 2, no. 1)

the file is in adobe acrobat* (pdf) format.

titles of articles in this issue of the advisory include:

  • patient safety authority update
  • when patients speak - collaboration in patient safety
  • patient safety authority recommends two patient safety discount programs
  • "give 40 of k" (you know what i mean, don't you?)
  • risk of arrhythmia during activation of electrohydraulic lithotripter
  • multiple messages and multiple tasks dangers associated with unlabeled basins, bowls, and cups
  • patient safety authority board of directors
  • focusing on eye surgery *mismatching medical devices and accessories
  • ask the analyst: securing tracheal tubes
  • topical anesthetic-induced methemoglobinemia

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