March 2005 PA Patient Safety Advisory


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from pa nurses enews update:

now available: march 2005 pa-psrs patient safety advisory (vol. 2, no. 1)

the file is in adobe acrobat* (pdf) format.

titles of articles in this issue of the advisory include:

  • patient safety authority update
  • when patients speak - collaboration in patient safety
  • patient safety authority recommends two patient safety discount programs
  • "give 40 of k" (you know what i mean, don't you?)
  • risk of arrhythmia during activation of electrohydraulic lithotripter
  • multiple messages and multiple tasks dangers associated with unlabeled basins, bowls, and cups
  • patient safety authority board of directors
  • focusing on eye surgery *mismatching medical devices and accessories
  • ask the analyst: securing tracheal tubes
  • topical anesthetic-induced methemoglobinemia

the patient safety authority is an independent state agency created by act 13 of 2002, the medical care availability and reduction of error ("mcare") act. consistent with act 13, ecri, as contractor for the pa-psrs program, is issuing this newsletter to advise medical facilities of immediate changesthat can be instituted to reduce serious events and incidents. for more information about the papsrs program or the patient safety authority, see the authority's website at

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