Map of CRNA schools


I hope this link works, I put all the CRNA schools from the AANA website into a google map. I tried to put them as I found from the website. Some locations are not in the same location as the actual university due to the address posted on the AANA website. Others are located at the university since the only adress listed may have been a P.O. Box. All the links and information is the same that is found on the AANA website. I hope this is helpful.


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Wow. Just pushing the button "thanks" didn't seem like enough.

I got to thinking, I wonder if a "spin off" collaborative effort, such as other like minded individuals doing the same in all nursing schools (ADN, BSN, MSN etc) wouldn't just about be the best starting tool for any "would be student nurse"? I would certainly be willing and able to "do a state" myself. An hour or so research seems enough, though you probably spent more time than that. I will be subscribing to this link and watching for any updates.

At any rate, very cool. Thanks again.


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I honestly just signed up for just so I can thank you for making this map. I am from california and was thinking there were barely any crna programs in the country but from this map I know now that most are just on the east coast.

So Again thank you for making this map, it gives me inspiration to finish my bsn program so I can get into a crna program.


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That is a great tool for anyone looking into CRNA school. I it had been available when I was applying in 2007.



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thanks a lot! you rock guys


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