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Manual Handling

I would be intrested to hear from any professional involved in manual handling in the hospital setting in particulat operating theatre setting

Carol: I'm uncertain what you mean by "manual handling". Are you talking about how patient's are handled while under sedation, or manual as opposed to machine or equipment? I'm fascinated by how our terminology differs. Even here in the states in the same city, each hospital seems to have it's own dialect.

Thank you for your reply. Here in the UK we have to work to Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992. Manual Handling is defined as the pushing / pulling /carrying /lifting of a load by hand or bodily force. As a Manual Handling Coordinator I am responsible for training nurses etc. in safer handling techniques including the use of hoists /slide sheets etc. I have a particular problem in Operating Theatres where staff have difficulty adhering to the regulations as they need to put patients into different positions for surgical procedures. Is there any legilation in the States associated with Manual Handling? Is there any equipment in the states that has made a significant advancement in patient handlinhg


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