Manual blood pressure!!

by Mariestrong Mariestrong (New) New Student

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I just started as a student in Medical assisting and I’m struggling with doing blood pressure manually. It’s hard to catch where the thumps start and to keep that number in my head to keep listening for the last sound. I can get either the higher or lower number but I can’t seem to get both. Most of my classmates are experienced at doing this because they’re close to externship. Classes will have students in different places in their education. I’m one of two brand new students the rest are in their 3rd 4th or 5th term. I know I still have time to get it but I feel pressured to hurry and get it fast because it’s getting to a point where I’m being looked at by other students and the instructor. It’s making me feel like I’m not meant to do this because I’m the only one having a hard time. It’s also hard when there’s noises in the classroom. It prevents me from being able to hear with the stethoscope. I’m literally the only person who has this issue. Did anyone else struggle with bp?? I’ve been helped by both the instructor and other students but it’s getting embarrassing now

This will get much easier with time. It's one of those things that is much easier to hear once you're used to hearing it and know what the sounds are. Since checking a blood pressure is nothing invasive, try to practice on friends or family if they are agreeable. You should have your own sphygmomanometer and should be able to get one for under $20 so that you can practice.  Well-fitting stethoscope ear tips with a good seal against your ear are very helpful. I have also seen it suggested that people get their hearing checked if they continue to struggle and/or have any concerns that their issue might be related to their hearing.

Good luck!