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Getting on the waiting list at NCSC isn't really all that hard. I just graduated June 10 from there with my ADN. I took my NET in November 2002. I didn't even send out my high school transcripts etc until Feb. 2003...I was pregnant and due in may and didn't think I would start. So, after I send my stuff in I call just to see where I am on the list. When I applied they accepted 80 students...last year it was 100. Well, I was #83, meaning that if 3 people dropped I was in. Well, I found out in March or April 03 that I got in! How they do their wait list, at least they did when I applied, is that the 1st 80 to have everything in on time and meet all requirements are in the program. #81 on down are ranked by NET score. So, if you have a high NET score and apply late, you still have a great chance of getting in.


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