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I am hoping that someone will be able to get back to me quickly on this subject.

Illinois recently passed a bill stating that there is no longer mandatory overtime. Does anyone who has this in your state or as something in your union contract know how this affects mandatory on-call. Our director is supposedly going to address this in our staff meeting tomorrow and I think that they are going to try to say that on call is not included, even though the staff was the ones that wanted it 12 years ago and we never signed anything, Also some new people say that they weren't even told about it on hire and found out about it afterwards.

Our on-call is just totally abused because we are chronically under staffed. we hope somehow this bill will cover getting rid of it. Maybe it will force administration's hand to hire quicker.

Thanks, Robbin

Specializes in Behavioral Health.

Good luck Robbin. We have mandatory call time as well, but in our unit, all full time employees are only scheduled 72 hrs. per pay our 8 hrs. of "call time" isn't technically overtime. We, too, are chronically understaffed and I am called in on 100% of my call time. It's getting old....

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