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Good morning, 

I'm a registered nurse  educated in a different country. When I applied for a different state license through endorsement, they stated that I need to complete the below areas and provide transcript of completion. 
Maternal and Family nursing , Pediatric Nursing and Psychiatric nursing.
I am unable to locate any institutions that can offer these courses. Even if I choose enroll in a degree there is no guarantee that I can be enrolled in these courses. 
I am seeking advise and suggestions on how to complete these deficiencies and get licensed. 

Thank you all in advance. 

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From your writing, looks like you already hold a U.S state nursing license but unable to obtain a different states license by endorsement due to clinical hour deficiencies in some courses.   Western Governors University () offers RN prelicensure --clinicals in Florida locations or with agreement in your own area in some states or RN to BSN program online,  Contact them to see if they can help you.

Thank you so much!  

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