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I work in ambulatory surgery center - RN-neither the supervisor of the administrator (RN) had worked in another operating room.

Neither has had more than 6 months experience before these respective jobs. There are certain rules which cannot be ignored-when I say something-I am just ignored. Too many to go into at this time- The scrub will take sterile instrument across hall into another room-people are passing by with no mask on-diagnostics not done on autoclaves, nurses run C-arm-do I need to say more?

So what do you do when it is this bad???:confused: :confused:


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Well, since this is totally unsafe--you need to leave. I would report the major infractions to the state. Some immediate on site inspections need to be done as patient safety sounds like it is at risk. You need to protect both your liscense and your patient's health. Good luck--it sounds like you may need it!


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Put the problems in writing to whoever is running this outfit, and if they are not IMMEDIATELY corrected

don't let the door hit you in the butt....


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I don't care if they are just out of school. What you're talking about is basic nursing! Who runs across the hall with a sterile instrument? Don't the docs holler about stuff like that?

See some of the posts about whistleblowers, so you get an idea of how to protect yourself. But, yes, this needs to get reported; and I sure wouldn't plan an hanging around. Sooner or later you're gonna get caught in the cross-fire.

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