how to manage school and work?

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I got to school and still have to manage working 18-25 hours a week. I feel like there isn't enough time in the world to study, even studying on my breaks cutting out friends, going out etc. How do you guys budget out your time wisely and get studying in?

I'm gonna have to figure this out too. I start school this Tuesday but a normal week will be mon to fri 8-3 then ill have work sat and sun but have to figure out which two days ill b working night shift 11-7 during the school week :(

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Just finished ADN in June...worked 36 hrs/wk (NOC shift). The answer is, nothing but school, work and sleep (almost) until you're finished. Working less than full time isn't easy either but should allow for better grades and/or some social life.

I'm going through this right now. I'll figure it out after I get my test back because I had to work last weekend and my test was today. It's hard. However, I need health insurance. I'm going with the flow and hope it all works out.

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