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I am a soon to be new grad,(RN), currently am an LPN, and have been told it is wise to have , which I'm sure is true. What I am wondering is where do most nurses get this? Are the ones in magazines all pretty much the same? I haven't researched this much yet. Does it depend on what area you are in as to how much or what kind to get.


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I've had for quite a few years and have used a couple of different companies through both ANA and AACN. Most malpractice policies run about $80 to $100 per year for a $3,000,000 aggragate policy, with $1,000,000 per occurance. I haven't noticed much difference in the policies, but then again, I haven't been sued. There are different rates for some insurances for certain higher risk areas- that was why I changed from 1 policy to another once; but the one I have now only differentiates for advanced pratice, I think. I work ICU, so feel more comfortable carrying it. I would never rely on the hospital's malpractice insurance covering me in this day and age. I've seen a co-worker go through that and it was de-moralizing, to say the least.

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I agree with the previous poster...NO WAY would I count on the hospital's policy to cover me! If you get sued (usually along with the hospital), of course the hospital has to cover you. Don't doubt for one minute that if they can hang you, the RN, out to dry, they won't hesitate to do so. So getting your own policy is a very smart move, but it's not something I would advertise. I remember my preceptor from my first job telling me that she heard about a nurse who had her own insurance and after the case was over (I think the hospital lost), the hospital turned around and sued the nurse! So regardless of what risk management and/or the hospital's lawyers tell you, it's best to have an outside party who will truly advocate for YOU should some unfortunate event occur that would lead to a lawsuit.

I got my malpractice ins. as addendum to homeowner's policy. contact your state nursing board to get names of co offering policies in your state. Remember that the agent is impt to talk to in time of need and magazine offerings don't have agents. Is there a nursing union in your state? may not have to be union member to get covered by same co. Also: if you know MD find out who top co are in your state covering medical malpractice. They may offer nursing policies. Good luck. Hope you never need it.


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