Male Nursing Students & Newborn


Hi, the uncertainty if I'll start in 2017 is still up in the air if I'll be accepted into the local community college nursing program. If I am not next plan is to do the State BSN program supposedly less competitive than the ADN. Would pop the bubble of me being in school by 2017 and being done by 2019.

The S.O. and I agreed we hold off on children till we are done with school or 32. S.O. is a nursing student as well going for her LPN finishing in February. She is looking at a few ADN programs in the area to apply to. The S.O. is hoping to be done by 2018 and 2019 at the latest.

We promised each other unless we had an oops baby we didn't want to start having children till we are 32, which we figure be done by school. If I am derailed from the ADN program I'll have to do the BSN program. Looking to have a newborn in my second year of nursing school probably.

Figure it's more a challenge for the wives and what they have to do for the first year. However, any males survive nursing school with a newborn on here?

Has 2 years experience.

Hi there! My wife and I had our daughter last year, I was in my prerequs at the time. I will be entering my ADN program in January with a 1 year old daughter at home. Life got flipped upside down for about a month after we had my daughter. I still managed to get an A in micro (despite having delivered my baby myself and being my wife's only source of support). I only missed one day of class so it ended up working out. We want to have another one but we are going to try to time it so that I am in my second year, summer semester when she is due, that way I don't miss any school. We are of the mind that having kids at a younger age is better in the long run. Only time will tell. If you both are in school that might be a little crazy. My wife is a stay at home mommy and I only work 3 days a week so going to school and working full time has been totally doable. If she was working or in school I think things would be harder for us to manage and I think that would be unfair to my daughter. Having a stay at home mom is so good for child development and I could not see trusting a stranger at a day care with my child while my wife went off to work. No way!

Best of luck to you!